Bread of Life Church Plattsburg
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Bread of Life Church was started in Plattsburg, MO, as a Parent Affiliated Church under the umbrella of
Lathrop Assembly of God. Pastor Douglas Goode and his wife, Mary Jane, had moved to Plattsburg
from Heber Springs, AR in September, 2013. Initially Pastor Doug and Mary Jane attended Lathrop
Assembly of God for several months. During that time, Pastor Brian Elliott from Lathrop Assembly and
Pastor Doug met on several occasions and talked about the possibility of starting an Assembly of God
church in Plattsburg. Pastor Brian proposed helping Pastor Goode start the church by being a Parent
Affiliated Church. It was decided to start out as a home Bible Study on Saturday evenings and see
how it progressed from there.

Pastor Goode's vision for Bread of Life was to pattern it after the first Church in Acts. On May 10, 2014,
the first Bible Study was held at the home of the Goode's at 305 W. Clay Ave. There were 6 in
attendance from Lathrop Assembly plus 9 from Plattsburg that had showed an interest in starting an
Assembly of God church. As the Bible Study progressed, the attendance of Lathrop slowed down and
Plattsburg attendance grew, which was the plan. Bread of Life was certainly thankful for the help from
Lathrop Assembly to get a start, both financially and by sharing people to help.

During the first few weeks of meeting, Pastor Goode invited a missionary to speak on a Saturday
night. It was decided the next week that we would start supporting some missionaries to Africa, and
they were the first missionaries we supported. Pastor Goode always felt that the heartbeat of God is in
missions, taking the news of Christ all over the world.

As we continued to grow, there was a desire to find a meeting place for Sunday mornings as well. As
everyone prayed about a location, and some were looked at, Pastor Goode approached the
Superintendent of CCRIII in Plattsburg and asked about the possibility of using a room for our Sunday
morning services. An agreement was reached at that time that we could meet in the Performing Arts
Center in the High School on a month to month basis. So, on October 5, 2014, we started meeting at
the High School Performing Arts Center. We met at the high school for 3 years and during that time,
we had growth. We took on 5 more missionaries to support on a monthly basis. We continued to pray
and look for a building to meet in. We also continued the Saturday evening home Bible Study and
added a Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Study.

In July 2016, Bread of Life's membership had increased so we were able to become a District Council
Church and were no longer under the umbrella of Lathrop Assembly of God.

In November, 2017, we noticed a building that looked suitable had been vacant for a couple of months
and decided to call about it. It was soon evident that this was the building that God had prepared for us
and this was the time. God gave us favor with the whole process financially and with donations from
many sources for our new building. We held our first service at 104 Bush St. on January 7, 2018. We
praise God and give Him the glory.

We will have our official dedication of our building with our District Superintendent on Sunday, April
29, 2018, at 2:00 p.m.