Bread of Life Church Plattsburg
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As of 2018, Rev. Douglas Goode has been in ministry 50 years. He spent many years
as an evangelist in the beginning of his ministry and preached in California, Nevada,
New Mexico, Wyoming, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, and
Arkansas. He pastored several churches in some of those states as well. Pastor
Goode has a rich heritage of ministry in his family. His father was a Pentecostal
Church of God pastor, his grandfather and grandmother on his mother's side were
both Assembly of God ministers. He had 2 uncles on his father's side that were
Pentecostal Church of God pastors and his great and great great grandparents
were ministers of the Gospel. He had one brother, now deceased, that pastored
several Assembly of God churches in Illinois and one brother, still living, that is
pastoring in North Carolina. He is the 6th generation in his family line to preach
the Gospel. Pastor Goode has a Bachelors, Masters, and a Doctorate in Ministry.

In 1970, Pastor Goode started working with the boys organization called Pathlighters in the PCOG. He
achieved the honor of Assistant National Director in the SW Division that covered 6 states. Several of
those young men still keep in contact with him. In 1999, he changed his credentials from PCOG to the
Assemblies of God. He continued to work with young men in the Royal Rangers, which he still has
interest and input in our district level.

In 2009, his beloved wife of 48 years passed away. Pastor Goode and his wife had not had children, but
helped raise a niece and nephew who now reside in California. Several months later, he met Mary Jane.
She had been a widow since 2004. At that time, she had 3 children and 5 grandchildren. They married at
Lake Mauer Campground in January, 2010 and moved to Arkansas where his residence was. In March, a
pastorate came open in Bradford, Arkansas, and they answered the call to pastor there. After 3 years,
Pastor Goode knew what he had been sent there for was finished and it was time to move on. Not
knowing where, after much prayer, he and Mary Jane decided it was time to move back to Missouri to be
closer to family. Plattsburg, Missouri became home for them in September, 2013. Since moving back,
the family has grown. Two granddaughters have gotten married and 2 great grandchildren have been
born and another granddaughter is engaged. God has blessed Pastor Goode's years of faithfulness.