Bread of Life Church Plattsburg
We believe children from a very early age can be taught the importance of talking to God about
everything every day. Developing that relationship with God is important. We teach them to thank Him
every morning and evening and throughout the day, to talk to Him about their problems, to ask for His
help, and to tell Him they are sorry when they do or say something that hurts another.

We teach a short Bible story, they get a page to color that goes with the story and they have snacks
during the time they are in Children's Church.

We use BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade) Buddy Barrels that the children bring every week
with change in them to dump in the big Buddy Barrel bucket. This money goes for children's
missionary projects around the world, helps to dig wells for clean water in other countries, provides
cows, goats, chickens in poor countries for meat, eggs, milk and to sell these things as well. It also is
used to help teach people how to grow their own food. Children love giving and we believe this is
teaching them a life long spiritual lesson.

We have a room just off the sanctuary that moms can take their babies if needed during the service.
There is a changing table, a pack n play, a rocking chair, a sink and microwave. You can hear
everything in the service if you need to be in there for a bit.

Note: our insurance requires background checks for anyone working with our children. This is for the
security of parents, workers, and the safety of the children. Unfortunately in the world we live in
today, this is necessary.
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